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20th Anniversary Institute

On July 29 - 31st, 2014, the Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence (DCADV) hosted a unique training event on health equity, trauma-informed services, and strategies to prevent intimate partner violence. This three-day Institute brought partners together who serve victims of domestic violence in a variety of ways, to increase their knowledge, build skills, and collectively improve services in Delaware. The Institute hosted more than 200 domestic violence advocates along with practitioners and policy makers from the health care, legal, social services, and behavioral health communities in Delaware. The unique format and combination of topics highlighted three key areas of the Coalition’s work, Trauma, Awareness and Prevention.


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July 28 - Pre-Institute:

July 28 - Pre-Institute: Project Connect Train the Trainer: Did You Know Your Relationship Affects your Health? (Presented by Futures Without Violence)

July 29 - Day 1: 

Session 1A: Beyond School Walls: Social Media and Teen Dating Violence in DE (Presented by Kristen Herman and Melinda Dubinski)

Session 2A: Integrating Health Services into Victim Advocacy Programs (Presented by Virginia Duplessis & Erica Monasterio)

Session 2B: Safe and Well: Preventing Violence to Achieve Health Equity (Presented by Noel Sincere Duckworth, Tya Pope, Lauren Camphausen & Brian Eiermann)

July 30 - Day 2:

Session 1A: Culturally-Responsive Practices in Assessing and Responding to Trauma (Presented by Erica Monasterio)

Session 1B: Preparing Your Setting: From Trauma-Informed Reporting to Strategies for Self-Care (Presented by Virginia Duplessis) 

Session 1C & 2C: Intersection of Disabilities & IPV (Presented by Marilyn Seibold and Janet Tillman)

Session 2A: Setting the Stage: Planning for Safety (Presented by Kimberly G. Paoli)

Session 2B: Making the Connection: Substance Abuse, Trauma & Domestic Violence (Presented by Patti Bland)

Session 3A: Empowering Survivors through Financial Literacy (Presented by Tya Pope)

Session 3B: Building Trust: Trauma-Informed Advocacy with Survivors Experiencing Addiction (Presented by Patti Bland)

July 31 - Day 3:

Track A: Substance Abuse (Presented by Patti Bland)

Track B: Domestic Violence and Mental Health (Presented by Mariann Kenville-Moore & Marilyn Siebold)

Lunch Presentation: An Invitation Toward Greater Balance through Mindfulness (Presented by William McCracken and Ben Fleury-Steiner)

Track C: Trauma-Informed Legal Advocacy (Presented by Rachel White-Domain)

Track D: Advancing Trauma-Informed Services Within Organizations (Presented by Terri Pease)


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The Institute was made possible by generous support from the Delaware Criminal Justice Council by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Futures Without Violence, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Delaware, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Association of Social Workers Delaware Chapter, and Delaware Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health.