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Training and CertificationTraining and CertificationTraining and CertificationTraining and Certification

Training and Certification



DCADV is recognized as a leader in domestic violence training for advocates, criminal and civil justice personnel, and social service staff, reaching over 1,700 participants each year. Training initiatives include an annual conference, a semi-annual DV101 training, and issue-specific workshops on topics such as dating violence, health care response, and lethality assessment.

Domestic Violence 101 Training

DV101 is held semi-annually for two days in the Spring and Fall. This training introduces new domestic violence advocates and others from the community to the basics of serving and working with victims and survivors of domestic violence. It provides an overall understanding of domestic violence and teaches effective advocacy skills that support safety and empowerment. DV101 features information on domestic violence history, prevalence, dynamics, advocacy, intervention, resources, and legal remedies and information. Read more about DV101

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Annual Advocates' Retreat

This two-day annual conference features national, regional, and local speakers on topics ranging from providing services to economic justice issues. The Retreat is held each Spring/Summer and brings together advocates from the domestic violence and sexual assault communities, as well as representatives from the criminal justice system, social services, health and human services, and members from the mental health, disabilities, and faith communities. 

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Training Upon Request

Topics vary depending upon audience and need, but can cover basic domestic violence knowledge, prevention, intervention, risk assessment, safety planning, psychosocial issues, legal issues, working with special populations, cultural competency, children's issues, and current trends.

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Who Can Participate

  • Advocates and Service Providers
  • Criminal Justice System
  • Community at Large

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To learn more about any of our trainings, or to schedule a training, please contact our Training and Prevention Specialist at or call 302.658.2958.

Financial assistance may be available to eligible participants.

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Pending the availability of funds, DCADV will consider requests for partial scholarships covering 50% of the registration fee only (excludes lodging and travel expenses). Scholarships will be based on documented need and will be prioritized based on the following:

  • DCADV Member Organizations
  • Victims / Survivors
  • DCADV Certified DV Specialists
  • DCADV Supporting Individual Members or staff person from a DCADV Supporting Organization (limited to one staff person per Supporting Organization per event.)

Applicants must identify their membership in one or more of the above-mentioned categories, the training event they would like to attend, and document their financial need for a scholarship in order to attend such an event. Please contact DCADV for more information on how to submit a written request.

Access our scholarship application

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Cancellations / Refunds

Please note that in order to receive refunds or credits, registered participants must notify the DCADV Training and Prevention staff no later than six business days before the scheduled training. Otherwise, all registrants, including no-shows, will not be eligible for a refund, and any registrants who have not prepaid will receive an invoice. Registrants receiving DCADV Training Scholarships are subject to the same policy and are not eligible for cancellation refunds or credits for the scholarship portion of their registration costs.

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For over 15 years, DCADV has recognized individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence and best practices in domestic violence services. In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on the importance of prevention practices, in addition to intervention services. To reflect the changing landscape of the domestic violence field, we have expanded the DVS Certification Program to recognize those improving conditions and eliminating domestic/intimate partner violence at all levels!  

Domestic Violence Specialist Certifications Available:

  • Direct Service/Systems Advocacy: This certification continues to recognize the dedication to quality service provision, as well as a commitment to improving Delaware's systems for victims/survivors of domestic/intimate partner violence.
  • Prevention: This new certification track recognizes the valuable work done by those working to prevent and eliminate domestic/intimate partner violence by addressing the root causes at the individual, relationship, community, and/or societal levels
  • Dual Certification: We recognize that intervention and prevention work do not exist in silos. For those whose work experience has incorporated direct service, systems advocacy, and prevention, Dual Certification is an option for you! 


What are the requirements to become certified?

  • No history of violence behavior for 5 (five) years; review of complete criminal and substance abuse history. 
  • Submit a Criminal Background Check from the State of Delaware, state of residence, and state of employment
  • Abide by the Professional Code of Ethics of the Delaware Domestic Violence Specialist.
  • Complete 2,000 hours of service in their area of practice (direct services/systems advocacy and/or prevention). 
  • Complete 70 clock hours (110 clock hours for Dual Certification) of Training and Education with documentation. 
  • Complete 12 hours of mentoring sessions with a DCADV Certified Domestic Violence Specialist.*
  • Request 4 (four) evaluations be submitted; one each from the applicant, a supervisor, a colleague, and a local community agency. 

*Mentoring sessions are not required for applications received before December 31, 2016.


To expedite the Certification process, we have instituted a “grandparenting” period for applications submitted through December 31, 2016.  Some requirements have been waived during this period.  The waived requirements are as follows:

  • All Mentoring requirements will be waived for applicants during this time. 
  • This requirement has been waived:  "List no more than 3 hours for those topics in which the applicant was the trainer or facilitator for the training."
  • This requirement has been modified: "30% of training hours submitted must have been from trainings that took place within the past five years."

All other requirements must be met to qualify.

For more details about the certification process and requirements, please download and review the Domestic Violence Specialist Initial Application Information Booklet and Initial Application Form.  If you have any questions regarding the Certification process, please email or call 302-658-2958 ext. 12.

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Certification Documents

The Application and Booklet are designed to be printed double sided to conserve paper. However, the files may also be printed single sided.All forms are in PDF format and may be filled in electronically. 

Initial Applicants

Initial Application Information Booklet

Initial Application Form

Training Log

Evaluation From a Coworker/Colleague

Evaluation from a Local Community Agency

Evaluation from a Supervisor

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*Note: The Training Log and Evaluation Forms are also included within the Initial Application Form. 

Recertification Applicants

Recertification Application Form

Training Log

Evaluation Form

*Note: The Training Log and Evaluation Form are also included within the Recertification Application Form.

Overview of DVS "Grandparenting" Period


Payment can be made by check or credit card. Checks should be made out to “DCADV” and mailed to:

Attn: Training and Prevention Specialist
100 W. 10th Street, Suite 903
Wilmington, DE 19801

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