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New Light Theater Production: "Othello"

Wednesday, January 29, 2020
7:30 pm9:30 pm
Delaware Historical Society, 505 N. Market St., Wilmington
New Light Theater Production: "Othello"

Recently victorious in both love and war, General Othello discovers that the same people who have lauded his career might not approve of his marriage to a white senator’s daughter. Believing he can win over the heart of his adopted homeland through dutiful service and the true love of his wife Desdemona, they depart for the escalating conflict in Cyprus. Unfortunately, this is just the opportunity the slighted Iago needs to destroy them all.

Shakespeare’s sweeping tragedy of passion and poison finds new light in this minimal, fast-paced production as one of the Bard's greatest romances crosses paths with one of his greatest villains.

New Light Theatre's production of Othello partners with the Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence, a local nonprofit working to stop domestic violence, promote equality in relationships, and alter the social conditions that allow violence and abuse to occur.

Tickets are now on sale! Visit for more information.