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What is Primary Prevention?

Primary prevention means stopping a health or social problem before it occurs. Primary prevention of intimate partner violence includes:

DCADV Primary Prevention Initiatives

Since 2002, Delaware has been one of 14 states to participate in the DELTA Program. Through the most recent program, DELTA FOCUS, DCADV and community partners are using strategies to reduce and eliminate intimate partner violence by promoting healthy, safe, nonviolent relationships at the individual, relationship, community, and society levels. 

With a focus on primary prevention, we aim to create conditions where healthy relationships can thrive. However, the science of violence prevention, and particularly intimate partner violence prevention, is still emerging. The DELTA Program has helped us implement and evaluate strategies to create a foundation for the development of practice-based evidence in Delaware and the field of violence prevention.  As part of our state-level prevention work, DCADV offers trainings to community/professional groups on a variety of topics.

Some of DCADV’s DELTA successes' include:

  • Healthy Relationships Curricula - This standards-based curricula is  learning-focused and includes units for grades 6-8 and 9-12.
  • Health Education Regulations - The Healthy Relationships Curricula is designed to meet health education regulations that now require interpersonal violence prevention programming, and to help schools comply with S.B. 206, Delaware’s Teen Dating and Sexual Assault Act, which requires comprehensive healthy relationships programming in schools for grades 7-12.

Engaging Men in Violence Prevention

DCADV has worked to engage boys and men in violence prevention since 2004. Our current efforts include the Delaware Men’s Education Network (MEN), a collaboration of campus, military and community-based organizations. With support from the Rape Prevention Education (RPE) Program, Delaware MEN Partners work, collaboratively, to develop and sustain best practices for engaging men in sexual and domestic violence prevention, as well as redefine traditional manhood through the promotion of healthy masculinities.

Click here to learn more about Delaware MEN, and DCADV’s efforts to engage men in violence prevention.

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Prevention Resources

To learn more about primary prevention, we encourage you to visit the following websites: