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workplace domestic violence prevention program high school students

Professional Development

Domestic and sexual violence are pervasive problems throughout our communities. Victims may experience physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, and/or financial abuse. While victims and survivors' trauma and violence may typically occur in the home, they carry it with them wherever they go - including to the workplace. 

Likewise, abusive partners can also be employees or harass their victims in the same company or organization. Economic instability can also increase the likelihood that these forms of violence will occur.

Be a part of the solution.

DCADV will work directly with your management team and employees to establish or enhance company-wide policies and increase trauma-informed practices. Our trainings can be tailored to meet the needs of each audience and may cover a wide variety of topics related to domestic and sexual violence prevention and intervention. Including: 

  • raise awareness and understanding of sexual and domestic violence;
  • illustrate the impact of trauma and sexual and domestic violence on both the employee and the workplace;
  • identify resources available through your workplace and at the state/regional level;
  • strengthen efforts to prevent and end sexual and intimate partner violence; and 
  • model trauma-informed approaches.

It’s time to invest in your human capital. Regardless of in-person or work-from-home offices, domestic and sexual violence impacts our workplaces, neighborhoods, and economy. It compromises employee safety and wellbeing and impacts company productivity. 

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By promoting inclusive and equitable workplace practices, you can invest in your employees and our community. With your help, we can alleviate economic instability, create thriving, respectful office environments, and ultimately, decrease incidents of sexual and domestic violence.


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