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Our Mission, Vision, Philosophy & Racial Equity Statement

Our Vision

The Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence envisions a First State where safe, healthy, equitable relationships, families and communities thrive.


Our Mission Statement

The Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence is a statewide, nonprofit organization and coalition of organizations, groups and individuals that strive to promote conditions that prevent and eliminate domestic violence by educating its members and community partners; providing informational resources to the community; and advocating as a strong, unified voice for victims/survivors of domestic violence, children who are affected, domestic violence programs and victim service providers.


Our Philosophy

The Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence was founded as a result of the battered women’s movement.  We work from an inclusive, empowering, feminist perspective grounded in the principles of social justice.

We believe in the right of all persons to live safely without fear, abuse, coercion, oppression and violence. We oppose all forms of dominance over others.

We commit to change social and structural conditions which support the use of power to control and harm others. 

We believe abusers/offenders should be held accountable for their systematic abuse and disempowerment of domestic violence victims/survivors

We believe that work against domestic violence conditions is best achieved through local and national collaboration, direct services, community education, and political action.

We believe services should always be accessible and responsive to domestic violence victims/survivors, inclusive of all identities, beliefs, abilities and experiences. We commit to being accountable to our communities, to domestic violence victims/survivors from diverse groups and to their children.

We believe in a supportive, ethical, collaborative atmosphere in all aspects of our programs.  Open communication, respect, and cooperation are foundational to our work and core in empowering others. 

We encourage the participation of all persons and groups who are committed to the movement to end domestic violence.

Our Racial Equity Statement

The Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence (DCADV) prioritizes the work of racial equity and envisions a First state in which Black, Latinx, Asian, Native American, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, and all People of Color are safe, welcomed, treated with respect and equity, and have the opportunity to thrive. 

Our Member Organizations

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