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Our Advocacy for Survivors

When trying to leave an abusive relationship, people can face a number of difficulties. For over 25 years, DCADV has advocated for policies and services that help support survivors in seeking safety and a life free of abuse. When a survivor decides to leave an abusive relationship, it is critical that the right supports are there when they are needed.

Throughout the state, survivors and advocates report that people continue to struggle to access:

  • Confidential shelters
  • Affordable housing
  • Child care
  • Education and employment opportunities
  • Financial resources
  • Legal advocacy services
  • Mental health support

DCADV policy staff and volunteers regularly advocate to expand access to services and supports. We work with state and local government leaders to ensure that services are effective and responsive to survivors.  Our focus is to help survivors and their families secure safety, and to ensure that abusers are held accountable.

Our Commitment to Change

While we know that domestic violence can happen in any kind of intimate relationship, we understand that there are societal and community-level factors that allow domestic violence to continue.  Because domestic violence can have long lasting harmful effects, DCADV believes that prevention is key to a healthier Delaware.  Working with community partners and state and local governments, DCADV regularly advocates for policies and programs to prevent domestic violence.

Advocating at Legislative Hall & Capitol Hill

DCADV’s policy staff work alongside community partners and volunteers to inform policy and practices within the state and nation. We identify areas where changes are needed so that those impacted by domestic violence are better served. We work with legislators and community partners to develop and pass critical legislation.

Every person’s voice is important, so we work to keep volunteers informed about important issues. We do this through DCADV’s Legislative Advocacy Project (LEAP). LEAP engages volunteers who support the mission to end domestic violence, and empowers them to call or send emails to our elected officials. DCADV staff organize trainings and advocacy events so that volunteers can strengthen and feel confident with their advocacy skills.

DCADV is also a member of the National Network to End Domestic Violence. NNEDV is a national leader for domestic violence victims and their advocates. Working with NNEDV and coalitions across the nation and territories, we help educate policy makers at the national level.

Resources and Information on Bills during the 151st General Assembly Session

Get Involved

If you’d like to help DCADV advocate for change, sign up to become a LEAP volunteer today. Periodically you will receive email alerts with information about the important issue and guidance on how to quickly spread our message.

Other ways to get involved include becoming a DCADV Member or making a donation. You can also stay up-to-date with our advocacy efforts on Twitter.

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