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Prevention is Everyone's Responsibility

Domestic violence is a serious public health issue that is preventable. Together, we can create conditions in Delaware, and beyond, where healthy relationships can thrive and environments are free of violence.

Every person can play a role in preventing violence. 

Prevention: Stopping Violence Before it Starts

Over the last 30 years, advocates have worked tirelessly to raise awareness about abuse and violence in relationships and its detrimental effects on individuals and our society. So far, the response to this awareness has largely focused on after-the-fact efforts like improving victim services and system response, and community education on the warning signs of abuse.

While these efforts represent critical strides, there is a growing body of evidence that we can eliminate domestic violence more effectively by addressing the root causes of abuse before it ever occurs. 

DCADV is engaged in a variety of prevention efforts in the First State.

Resources and Publications Highlighting DCADV’s Prevention Efforts:

Supporting Prevention Efforts in Delaware

We welcome your input so that our prevention efforts are grounded in research, practitioner and community wisdom.  For more information on how you can support DCADV prevention efforts, contact the Training, Prevention, and Outreach team at

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