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Outreach to Media

DCADV has held numerous press conferences to raise awareness about domestic violence over the years, has sponsored outdoor media, conducted print and broadcast interviews, produced and implemented PR campaigns, and delivered speeches to key audiences around the state. Our Communications Team regularly sends press releases about DCADV and related initiatives, and occasionally, submits op-ed pieces on issues related to violence against women.

Domestic violence is a hard issue to investigate and a complicated one to report. Yet increasingly, reporters are getting the message out that domestic violence is both a crime and a public health issue, and that there is help for victims. We recognize the importance that media can play in raising awareness about domestic violence and making a difference in the lives of victims. We look forward to working with you.

Our communications team is on call to answer media questions and help guide reporters to essential resources necessary to develop a story.


Media Resources

Media Contact

Jennifer Uro, Communications & Fundraising Manager
Phone: 302-658-2958   Fax: 302-658-5049


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