Board & Staff

Our Board

The Coalition is governed by a 14-member board of directors made up of 7 at-large community members and representatives from our 5 member organizations. Our Board of Directors provides strong leadership and oversight of DCADV and strives to maintain diversity in its makeup.

2019 Members at Large
Carol Arnott Robbins, Co-Chair
Joanna Champney
Ethel Irwin, Treasurer
Eleanor Kiesel, Chair
Debra Reed

2019 Member Program Representatives
CHILD, Inc. - Ann Altemus, Secretary
CHILD, Inc. - Deianna Tyree
CLASI - Jayce Lesniewski, Esq.
Delaware Center for Justice - Kirstin Cornell
People's Place II, Inc. - Blanche Creech
People's Place II, Inc. - Nancy Carranza
YWCA Delaware - Elizabeth McCourt

Our Staff

Sue Ryan, Executive Director
Nina Jones, Administrative & Finance Assistant
Mariann Kenville-Moore, Director of Policy & Advocacy
Jacqueline Greenidge Nix, Director of Finance & Operations
Brooke Ophardt, Training & Prevention Specialist
Marcey Rezac, Policy Coordinator
Erin Ridout, Domestic Violence and Community Health Project Manager
Jennifer Uro, Communications & Fundraising Manager
Courtney Winkler, Training & Outreach Coordinator

Administration Team -

Training, Outreach, and Prevention Team -