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Board & Staff

Our Board

The Coalition is governed by an 11-member board of directors made up of 4 at-large community members and representatives from our 5 member organizations. Our Board of Directors provides strong leadership and oversight of DCADV and strives to maintain diversity in its makeup.

2020 Members at Large
Eleanor Kiesel, Chair
Susan Miller
Jennifer Naccarelli
Debra Reed

2020 Member Program Representatives
CHILD, Inc. - Ann Altemus, Secretary
CHILD, Inc. - Deianna Tyree
CLASI - Jayce Lesniewski, Esq.
Delaware Center for Justice - TBD
People's Place II, Inc. - Blanche Creech
People's Place II, Inc. - Nancy Castellanos
YWCA Delaware - Elizabeth McCourt

Our Staff

Sue Ryan, Executive Director
Sarah Bear, Prevention Director
Mariann Kenville-Moore, Director of Advocacy & Policy
Jacqueline Greenidge Nix, Director of Finance & Operation
Cierra Bryant, Prevention Policy Specialist
Nina Jones, Administrative & Financial Assistant
Nikki Kress, RPE Program Manager
Brooke Ophardt, Training & Prevention Specialist
Marcey Rezac, Policy Coordinator
Erin Ridout, Domestic Violence & Community Health Project Manager
Jennifer Uro, Communications & Fundraising Manager
Courtney Winkler, Training & Outreach Coordinator

Administration Team -
Training, Outreach, and Prevention Team -