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DCADV Stands Against Racism

“In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be antiracist” -- Angela Davis

June 2020

The Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence joins the voices raised from across the nation calling for justice and an end to racism. The murder of George Floyd is one more heartbreaking revelation of the inequity, danger and oppression that Black Americans face every day. This racism is rooted deep in our country’s history, our political and economic systems and our neighborhoods. Racism and its horrific violence is so twisted into our society, that even the light of a camera does not stop it. How many more assaults against Black Americans are committed just outside the camera’s view? The heartache and suffering is immeasurable and the brutality continues, emboldened by policies that either refuse to address the injustice or worse, serve to protect it.

George Floyd cried out, “I can’t breathe.” His voice was ignored and he was horribly murdered by a group of police officers. Just a few years earlier, Eric Garner cried out “I can’t breathe.” His voice was ignored and he was ambushed and murdered by a group of officers. The streets are filling up with those who are crying out “We can’t breathe.”

We cannot ignore these voices; we must respond. We are all called to stand together against racism, to become anti-racist and forever committed to change. We must leverage the power we have – whether individual or political - to demand and create a new way, a new power balance that ensures everyone’s safety. During this election year, it is critical that we vote for change.

As a Coalition committed to ending and preventing domestic violence, we recognize that racism is a leading cause of violence in our society. It underpins the inequities that are at the root of intimate partner violence. DCADV’s work is anchored in a philosophy that all persons have the right to live safely without fear, abuse, coercion, oppression and violence. We oppose all forms of dominance over others. We commit to change social and structural conditions which support the use of power to control and harm others.

Now more than ever we must stand against racism in all of its forms. DCADV supports the work of Black Mothers in Power, a grassroots campaign focused on improving Black Maternal Healthcare for Black Women throughout the State of Delaware. DCADV also supports the work of Do Something to Change Something, and the empowering work at REACH Riverside. DCADV supports the Women of Color Taskforce and their call for justice. DCADV stands in solidarity with every individual and organization that works every day for equity and racial justice and safety for everyone.

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