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DCADV's Response to the Insurrection

The attack on the U.S. Congress last week was shocking, horrific and a violent and deadly extension of the appalling lies that the president has spread. Anchored in racism and hate and an oppressive entitlement, this assault on the Capitol was an attack on all of us.  It was an attack on our sense of safety, our security, our faith in a system that promises we will live by equitable laws and respect.  It revealed that the rules are different for those with privilege.

Across the country, Americans are calling for change, now.  Congress is moving forward with the constitutional protection of impeachment; a responsive action to remove a divisive and dangerous president. 

More is needed.  The departure of this president will not end the racism and injustice that grips our country and devastates the lives of Black, Indigenous and People of Color.  There was a sharp contrast in the response to the peaceful protests of Black Lives Matter and to this violent mob of anarchists.  This violence revealed the enormous work that must be done if we hope to be an equitable, safe society. 

This work is a political and a personal journey.  A journey that we take with humility and solidarity to a belief that everyone deserves respect and to live with safety and peace.  Through the anger and sadness, we hope to continue to hope so that, although the racists may take the building they do not take our hearts.

Locally, we want to highlight the anti-racism work of the YWCA Delaware and their Stand Against Racism.  You can find out more:

We want to also note the work of United Way Delaware and their Statewide Racial Equity and Social Justice Collaborative, a diverse group of individuals and organizations developing a comprehensive plan to address racism and equity in Delaware.  You can learn more at:

Finally, we want to acknowledge that these events take a personal toll and as we read and watch the news, we must remember to take care of ourselves.  The National Mass Violence and Victimization Resource Center drafted Tips for Coping in the Aftermath of the Attack on the U.S. Capitol; the article can be found here:

Peace to you,


Our Member Organizations

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