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Ongoing Programs

Ongoing Programs - National

  • Since 2005, The Allstate Foundation has been committed to ending domestic violence through financial empowerment. They do this through advocacy, funding, and education.

  • The Moving Ahead Curriculum, developed by The Allstate Foundation and the National Network to End Domestic Violence, is used locally and nationally to educate and empower survivors. This five-module curriculum educates participants about budgeting, credit, and other concepts to empower survivors to take charge of their financial futures.

  • The Independence Project is a credit-building program of The National Network To End Domestic Violence (NNEDV), and was established in partnership with Verizon and with seed funding from Thirty-One Gifts.

  • RALLIANCE is a joint project founded by national anti-sexual violence organizations. They provide innovative solutions to create a safer and more equitable world through business, policy, and sport with the overall mission to end sexual violence in one generation.

  • The National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) is a national organization committed to ending domestic violence. They offer policy initiatives and solutions to violence prevention with a large emphasis on economic justice as a contributing factor.

  • The Prevention Institute (PI) is a national nonprofit whose mission is to “build prevention and health equity into key policies and actions at the federal, state, local, and organizational level to ensure that the places where all people live, work, play and learn foster health, safety and wellbeing.” Some of their publications include “Economic Security and Safe Relationships” and “Social and Environmental Costs of Violence.”

  • Workplaces Respond is a project of FUTURES Without Violence. Their work focuses on building innovative partnerships between companies, worker associations and unions, and anti-violence advocates and service providers to increase the safety and economic security of vulnerable workers.

Ongoing Programs - Local

  • People's Place SAFE Program utilizes the Moving Ahead Curriculum to educate and empower survivors receiving services both in and out of shelter. They also offer educational groups to the community at large.

  • The YWCA of Delaware offers a number of programs to educate and empower community members. They support Delaware women’s economic development needs by providing counseling, education and training in personal finance management, homeownership, work readiness and self-employment.

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