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Our Economic Justice Efforts


Integrating Non-Violent Economic Strategies Throughout Delaware (INVEST DE) is an emerging group of community partners dedicated to increasing the practice of economically just workplace policies. This collaborative group holds space for cross-sector discussions on ways to influence workplaces across Delaware to incorporate policies that can build safer, more inclusive workspaces for everyone. INVEST DE works together to make economic justice a reality for all Delawareans.

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Economic Justice Summit

Economic Justice Through Social Responsibility Virtual Summit (October 2020)

DCADV has collaborated with the Biden Institute and the Center for the Study & Prevention of Gender-Based Violence at University of Delaware to host a three-part webinar titled Economic Justice Through Social Responsibility.  The series’ focus is to highlight the intersection/connection of sexual violence, domestic violence and finances or rather, economic justice issues.

Sexual and domestic violence doesn't only impact survivors and their loved ones – it can have a profound effect on the ways communities and economies function. Research estimates the economic costs of intimate partner violence at nearly $3.6 trillion at a population level and $3.1 trillion for sexual violence. How does this happen? During the first session, participants will learn about how economies are impacted by gender-based violence and how corporations can be a part of the solution. This discussion will set the stage for the follow-up sessions where participants will acquire concrete examples of how they can make a difference.

We know that victims and survivors face the repercussions of sexual and domestic violence both in and out of the workplace. The trauma that arises from these forms of violence can lead to decreased productivity and even job loss. Workplaces can play a unique role in supporting survivors during their healing journey while maintaining safe and supportive environments where the company and its employees can thrive. During session two, participants will learn the harmful effects violence can have on workplaces and how colleagues can create policies that support survivors and maintain effective work spaces.

As we’ve discussed, sexual and domestic violence impacts survivors, workplaces, and the economy in many ways. The good news is that these forms of violence can be prevented! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have identified that economic stability can play a large role in preventing violence from occurring in the first place – but how can we do that? The final webinar for this summit will discuss ways in which corporations, financial institutions, and policy makers can work toward building a healthier economy and achieve greater corporate success.

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