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Health Resources

If you would like to request health resources, please contact Erin Ridout at

DV Resource Shoe Card

This resource card is plastic, durable, discreet, and can fit in a shoe or wallet.  The card is available in English and Spanish.  Phone numbers for services in New Castle County on one side, and numbers for Kent and Sussex Counties on the opposite site.

DV-CHW Shoe Card

This resource card is plastic, durable, discreet, and can fit in a shoe or wallet.  The card is available in English and Spanish. It describes the Community Health Advocate service and provide the referral number.

DV Screening Tips Card

This resource card is plastic and durable and fit nicely in a wallet with a health care provider’s badge. It is aimed at health care team members who screen patients for domestic violence and provide best practice tips.

Safety Cards

Intentionally designed for discretion this 4-panel double-sided 3.5″ x 8″ resource folds down to 3.5″ x 2″. This business card-sized tool prompts patients to consider whether they are in a healthy relationship or have experienced unhealthy or unsafe relationship patterns. Available for general practice settings, as well as specific to pediatrics, teens, OB/GYN. Additionally, safety cards are available that are aimed at different populations, such as LGBTQ, Transgender, Muslim, Indigenous, as well as a variety of languages (English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and Haitian Creole).

Key Ring Tag

This small durable, plastic card attaches to keyrings and healthcare team member’s lanyards providing quick access to referral phone numbers for the Community Health Advocates and the Sexual Assault Response Center.

DV-CHW Poster

8.5 by 11 laminated poster provide patients information dually in English and Spanish around the Community Health Advocate services. Great for display in clinic rooms and bathrooms.

Health and Safety Posters

These posters were designed for display in a range of health sites. The posters identify aspects of both healthy and unhealthy relationships, encourages talking to a healthcare provider if the reader or someone they know has questions or is experiencing abuse. The bottom of the poster refers patients to valuable community resources. Like the Safety Cards, these posters are available in different languages and can be general or specific to certain populations.

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