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DCADV, in collaboration with the Domestic Violence Task Force Housing Subcommittee, Delaware State Housing Authority, and Community Legal Aid Society, Inc., have compiled short videos to discuss different issues related to housing.  Click on the photo or title of each video to watch.

Housing Information

Housing Resources

Housing Protections

Assessing Housing Needs

Safe housing is foundational to survivors’ movement toward self-determination and healing. Regardless of a survivor’s point of contact with a DV advocate (shelter, CPS, courthouse, Family Justice Center, culturally specific program, or other setting), assessing their housing needs is a best practice. Conversation-based approaches such as the “Decision Tree” are survivor-driven, trauma-informed, and honoring of survivors’ multiple and intersecting identities. In this webinar (recorded in August 2021), presenters explore the development of such approaches and how advocates can use them to guide their conversations with survivors and help direct them to the best housing resources. 

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