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Implementation and Evaluation of Innovative Prevention Approaches through DELTA FOCUS

Since 2002, Delaware has received critical funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s Division of Violence Prevention to support primary prevention efforts.  Through the Domestic Violence Prevention Enhancements and Leadership Through Alliances, Focusing on Outcomes for Communities United with States (DELTA FOCUS) program, DCADV and community partners have been engaged in comprehensive implementation and evaluation of both statewide and locally-based prevention strategies that seek to promote healthy, safe, nonviolent relationships at the individual, relationship, community, and society levels.  The science of violence prevention, and particularly intimate partner violence prevention, is still emerging.  DELTA FOCUS has helped support DCADV’s efforts to contribute to the development of practice-based evidence in Delaware as well as providing DCADV the opportunity to more broadly inform the field of violence prevention.

Key initiatives supported by our involvement in DELTA FOCUS include:
Collaboration with Delaware’s Public Health/Health System
Youth Education and Engagement
Prevention Workforce Development
Supporting Community-Level Projects

Our Member Organizations

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