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Join the Revolution in Caring: Uncover, Manage, Master Human Biases

The recording for this session is no longer available.  If you are interested in learning more about this webinar content or for more resources, visit to contact the presenter directly.

Join the Revolution in Caring: Uncover, Manage, Master Human Biases is Yolanda Speaks signature training. All advocates benefit from accessing her or his internalized biases, and how these biases may interfere with one’s ability to provide high quality client/survivor-centered care across human differences. This training is a very interactive introduction to seriously addressing personal human biases. Throughout the training, participants are asked to “self-examine”, “self-inventory”, or “self-reflect." The training is rooted in the principles of emotional intelligence, especially the foundational principle of self-awareness. We strongly believe that any attempts at solving problems around human biases that do not begin with a serious commitment to self-awareness- through some form of self-examination process- has fallen short of the mark. In this training, each activity (First Thought, Personal Identity Set, I.D. Privilege) aids in the process of self-discovery and management.



Yolanda Pourciau is the owner and director of Yolanda Speaks LLC, a black queer womyn owned professional speaking and human resource training business. For over twenty years, Yolanda has been inspiring, uplifting, and challenging audiences. Her Southern, down-to-earth, humorous style creates a very engaging atmosphere that participants love. Yolanda’s areas of expertise include: Diversity and Inclusion, Emotional Intelligence, Wellness at Work, The Hurt Series/Racial Healing.  

The overarching theme of Yolanda’s work is, Join the Revolution in Caring. The Revolution in Caring is, people, at work, in communities, in families, committing to turning our intellectual and psychological lenses inward first to uncover, manage, and master human biases….. because we care! We care about human connection. We care about social justice. We care about freedom. Join the revolution in caring.  

Yolanda has been an adjunct professor of sociology for decades and she currently teaches at FAMU. The courses Yolanda taught that most influence her speaking and training vocation are: The Sociology of Work, The Culture of Human Organizations, Social Problems, Race and Minority Relations, and Human Sexuality.

By the end of this webinar, participants will:

  • List and describe the major components of emotional intelligence and how the principles of E. I. can be used to uncover, manage, and master human biases
  • Define and practice “self-examination” and how it can be used to uncover human biases
  • List and describe 7 major dimensions of human diversity and apply “self-inventory” to each dimension of diversity to deepen self-awareness.
  • Create a “personal identity set” to be used to explore and examine personal privileges.


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This program is funded through the Delaware Criminal Justice Council by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Family Violence Prevention and Services Program.

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