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Liberated Parenting Strategies

This webinar builds upon concepts from DCADV’s THRIVE Conference which explored the linkages between multiple forms of violence.  Societal and structural violence is intrinsically linked to violence in the home.  This webinar features Trina Greene Brown, the founder of Parenting for Liberation-- which is a hub of resources of liberated parenting strategies. Trina shared tools and strategies informed by an intergenerational collective of activist parents of color that address the root causes of multiple forms of violence.  This webinar offers a space for DV advocates to learn best practices to engage with a network of liberated parents who are change agents fighting for a world where all children can be liberated.  Participants will walk away with Parenting for Liberation resource guide and workbook tools for engaging in liberated parenting practices.  Visit the Parenting for Liberation blog and podcast:


  • Trina Greene Brown, Founder, Parenting for Liberation

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