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Current Members of DCADV

The Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence is a statewide, nonprofit organization and coalition of organizations, groups and individuals that strive to promote conditions that prevent and eliminate domestic violence by educating its members and community partners; providing informational resources to the community; and advocating as a strong, unified voice for victims/survivors of domestic violence, children who are affected, domestic violence programs and victim service providers.

Individuals and organizations who share and support our vision of a First State where safe, healthy, equitable relationships, families and communities thrive are invited to join our efforts!

Member Organizations

  • CHILD, Inc.
  • Community Legal Aid Society, Inc.
  • Delaware Center for Justice
  • People's Place
  • YWCA Delaware

Individual Members

  • Sherri R. Akil
  • Ann C. Altemus
  • Lauren Amato
  • Patricia Blevins
  • Allison L. Cassidy, LCSW
  • Daphne Chaniz-Rico
  • Teresa Childress-Gilliam
  • John P. Clyne Jr.
  • Norwood J. Coleman Jr., LCSW,ACSW
  • Blanche Creech
  • Elisabeth Croft
  • Kathie DegliObizzi
  • Patty DAngelo
  • Noel Duckworth
  • Lynn Fairweather
  • Shannon L. Fioravanti
  • P A. Goldsmith
  • Denise Grybowski
  • Simone Harris
  • Ethel Irwin
  • Angela M. Johnson
  • Jacquelyn Lauer
  • Stacey Lawson
  • Ellen Lebowitz
  • Saint Francis Trauma Department
  • Rebecca Lowe
  • Debbie Mack
  • SaVette Marchman
  • Patricia M.Maslar
  • Fay L. McCall
  • Susanne Miller
  • Dr. Susan L. Miller
  • Marki B. Mosley
  • Margaret Parsons
  • Melissa Pennachi
  • The Honorable Vincent J. Poppiti
  • Carol Post
  • Diane Postell
  • Dr. Gordon Reed
  • Debra Reed
  • Marcey Rezac
  • Gloria O. Sanders
  • Dawn Schatz
  • Jessica Schiffman & Patrick Timmins
  • Kathleen Seipel
  • Marilyn Siebold
  • Mary E. Smith
  • Cynthia Staker
  • Jacqueline Sterbach
  • Paulette Sullivan Moore
  • Janet Tillman & Richard Speck
  • Ellen Wheatley
  • Joanna Wicks
  • William Wightman III
  • Christine Williams
  • Beverly Wilson
  • David P. Wolanski



Updated 1/23/2020