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Women Empowered Against Violence in Every Relationship (WEAVER) is a domestic violence survivors’ task force of DCADV. Established in 2008, members meet monthly to develop strategies to educate the general public, criminal justice officials, government officials, service providers, advocates, and other professionals about domestic violence from the survivors’ perspective.

WEAVER task force members have experienced various effects of domestic violence in their lives. Their common experience with domestic violence as a form of oppression provides the foundation and is the common ground on which they work together to end violence against women.


WEAVER membership is open to all women who have experienced domestic violence or abuse at the hands of an intimate partner.

Statement of Purpose and Goals

The mission of the task force is to end violence against women. Its goals are:

  • To empower the voices of survivors on behalf of battered women.
  • To advocate on behalf of survivors and battered women.
  • To take an active stand to effect social, political, and economic change on behalf of survivors and battered women.
  • To educate themselves and others about the unmet needs of battered women.
  • To create a network with those who share their experiences, philosophies, and goals.

Our Member Organizations

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