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Becoming a Man: Straight From the Hood!

Dr. Julius Mullen, ED.D., LPCMH

Chief Clinical Officer, Children & Families First of Delaware, Inc.

Founder and Co-Executive Director, IMPACT Delaware: Man Up and Unique Mentoring Program

Men often wear a mask in every walk of life deepening their confusion about what it means to be a man. The internal complicated battle intensifies as men grapple with overall demands, responsibilities, and stressors in life. Stemming from generations of well-intentioned forefathers where camouflaging a true male identity was required to survive in a world of danger and distress.

Some men have limited space to show themselves in their purest form. So, they hide behind themselves to exist and function at the ultimate expense of their own identity. Despite these enormous challenges, there is hope and there is promise.

Men often benefit from engaging in conversations and obtaining perspectives from other men with similar experiences. A diverse group of men share personal stories, offer inspiration, and suggest fundamental ideas to strengthen their pursuit of becoming a man.

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