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2023 Conference Materials

The following materials and links have been provided by the conference presenters.

Keynote Presentation

Bringing it all together: Centering liberation in our healing practices

Presenter: Vanessa Timmons, Oregon Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence

  • Arrested Justice: Black Women, Violence and America’s Prison Nation (NYU Press, 2012) by Beth Richie
Workshop Session #1

Session 1A: Domestic Violence and COVID-19: Coalition Leaders' Perspectives on System Impacts

Presenters: Lauren Camphausen, Ruth Fleury-Steiner, and Sarah Wells, University of Delaware

Session 1B: The Elephant in the Room: Addressing Implicit Biases

Presenters: Shannon Fisch and Kiera McGillivray, Children & Families First

Session 1C: The Violence Against Women Act: 2022 Reauthorization-Expansions for Survivors

Presenter: D. Fox, National Network to End Domestic Violence

Workshop Session #2

Session 2A: Domestic Violence and Firearms

Presenter: Traci Manza Murphy, Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence

Session 2B: Mythbusters: Islamic Perspectives on Gender, Marriage, Divorce, and Domestic Violence

Presenter: Dr. Denise Ziya Berte, Peaceful Families Project

Session 2C: Making Sense of Housing for DV Survivors

Presenters: Nick Beard, Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence; Caitlin Del Collo, Delaware State Housing Authority; Tony Sierzega, Community Legal Aid Society, Inc.

Plenary Session: Monday 5/1/23

Do Ask, Do Tell: Gathering Data to Provide Affirming & Inclusive Services to the LGBTQIA+ Community

Presenter: Jess Harman, Consultant

Opening Plenary: Tuesday 5/2/23

Decolonizing, Redefining, and Reclaiming Individual Healing and Collective Care

Presenter: Meghna Bhat, PhD

Workshop Session #3

Session 3A: Using Storytelling to Destigmatize Sexual and Reproductive Health and Strengthen Supportive Factors

Presenter: Meghna Bhat, PhD

  • Handout- Session 3A

Session 3B: Dream Studies: How to Deal with Trauma Dreams

Presenters: Lea Sevey and Vanessa Timmons, Oregon Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence

Session 3C: Supporting Survivors through Access to Reproductive Care

Presenter: Nick Beard, Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Workshop Session #4

Session 4A: Putting Advocacy & Prevention into Action through Economic Justice

Presenters: Brooke Ophardt and Shelby Statham, Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Session 4B: Understanding the GEMs (Get Experience in Mindfulness)

Presenters: Dr. Pamela Adams and Rona Harris, Faithful and Favored, Inc.

Session 4C: Navigating a DV Case through the Criminal Justice System

Presenters: Jenn Kutney-Soper, Delaware Dept. of Justice; Melissa Pennachi, Newark Police Dept.; Erin Young, Delaware Dept. of Correction

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