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Engaging & Supporting Parents and Caregivers Affected by Domestic Violence

The wellbeing and resilience of parents and children are interwoven with each other and with our families, cultures and communities.  Yet, parenting in the context of domestic violence can erode a parent’s sense of confidence, energy, and capacities, and can also put parents in a position to agree or comply with an abuser’s demands when trying to protect their children from graver harm.  These challenges can be further compounded by discrimination and structural violence faced by victims and children living in oppressed and marginalized communities.   Intrinsic to our role as advocates is our ability to hold and understand these complexities, and provide compassion and support as we engage and support families affected by trauma. Through a “fishbowl” format, webinar participants will have the opportunity to listen in to experts in the field having a conversation with local advocates about applying frameworks, principles and strategies to best support parents with lived experiences of abuse, trauma and chronic adversity.  Participants are encouraged to download and review the Guide for Engaging & Supporting Parents Affected by Domestic Violence publication from the National Center for Domestic Violence, Trauma and Mental Health prior to viewing the webinar.


  • Susan Blumenfeld, MSW, LCSW, National Center on Domestic Violence, Trauma & Mental Health
  • Rosemary Martinez, MSW, Shelter Director, Abriendo Puertas at People’s Place
  • Melinda Dubinski, MSW, Project Coordinator, REAL Relationships

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