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Task Forces & Committees

Task Forces

  • The Women of Color Task Force (WOCTF) was established in 1999. Members meet monthly to discuss and develop strategies regarding the outreach and delivery of domestic violence services to communities of color. The task force strives to increase public awareness of domestic violence through support, education, and training.

  • WEAVER is a domestic violence survivors’ task force of DCADV. Established in 2008, members meet monthly to develop strategies to educate the general public, criminal justice officials, government officials, service providers, advocates, and other professionals about domestic violence from the survivors’ perspective.


Board Members and individuals from the community serve on a variety of DCADV committees including:

  • Communications and Development Committee
  • Delaware Domestic Violence Specialist Certification Committee
  • Delaware Domestic Violence Specialist Certification Review Panel
  • Executive Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Human Resources Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Policy Committee

Our Member Organizations

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